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Are you an aspiring data scientist facing these challenges?

  • Have you been rejected more times than you'd like to admit?

  • Do you struggle to get interviews or job offers?

  • Are you intimidated by the insane data science job descriptions?

  • Have you felt overwhelmed, like you were drowning in a sea of information?

  • Have you "tried everything" and still failed?

  • Do you wish that somebody would finally show you the path to your success?

Follow the proven system that's helped hundreds of students break into the field


I was once an aspiring data scientist just like you. I was completely lost and overwhelmed by all of the information out there.

I read job descriptions and couldn't understand how a single person was supposed to have so many skills.

It was insane. I put in dozens of applications and didn't get a single response.

For months I tried, but I wasn't getting anywhere.

Eventually, I managed to get two recruiters to talk to me, but they both told me the same thing: I didn't have enough experience and companies were only looking for candidates with experience, or those who “had worked as a data scientist before."

I felt dejected and angry—the system wasn't fair.

I was working hard, had great skills and was learning new ones every day, putting myself out there, everything.

What was I supposed to do?

I was a software developer, completely bored out of my mind, and stuck with a mediocre salary—not bad, but not exactly my dream—I wanted to become a data scientist!

The work seemed like more fun and I knew I could make a real impact in a business (and the world!) if I could just land a job as a data scientist—plus, I would get a nice salary increase that would give the financial freedom to finally do the things I loved in my free time (anyone else love travelling or want to buy a new car?). But I just wasn't getting anywhere.

If you can relate to any of this... then Data Science Dream Job is for you.

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DSDJ was made for data scientists by data scientists. We are real people who went through the struggle of breaking into data science and we are here to help you do the same. No gimmicks, no fluff: just a real, practical, proven system that has helped students around the world land incredible, high-paying jobs in the field.

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“DSDJ prepares you for what to expect in any data science interview, no matter if its a machine learning engineer position or a senior analyst position, or any position—everything is there in DSDJ.”

— Ayush Kumar | Landed Job as a Data Scientist @ United Rentals


"With the technical skills workshops, Kyle and Randy walk you through every step in the data science project and help you understand how to implement those projects in your workplace. They are just incredible."

— Sanya Goyal | Received Offers from Amazon & Chase



















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