The Top 3 Skills That Aspiring Data Scientists are Missing - Part 1: The Engineering Mindset

Part 1 - The Engineering Mindset

A lot of aspiring data scientists come from non-engineering backgrounds -- this can present some challenges when breaking into the field of data science.

Don't get me wrong, it is great to bring a unique background and perspective to the world of data science, but it's not enough.

Engineering is critical part of being a data scientist.

Developing the right mindset will not only help you break into the field, but it will also make you far more effective when you get there.

Learning the engineering mindset will help you see the big picture, systematically solve underlying problems, and stay focused on results.

Here are my top tips for cultivating the engineering mindset for data scientists:


Build systems to solve problems

It's not about hacking together a one-off solution. It's about building systems to solve problems. Systems that are testable, robust, efficient, scalable, and portable. Systems that you can resuse. Systems that can accomodate...

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